Della sconce announced as a NYCxDesign Award finalist - Buoyant NYC
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Della sconce announced as a NYCxDesign Award finalist

Josh Neretin of Buoyant NYC is pleased to announce their newest light fixture, the Della sconce, is a finalist for the NYCxDesign Awards presented by Interior Design and ICFF. Della, debuting at this year’s ICFF show, is the first piece in Buoyant’s new collection of line-voltage fixtures that continue to inhabit the spirit and simple elegance of the Buoyant brand.

The Della sconce consists of CNC machined quartz and onyx stone, wall mounted to create statements of shadow, light and translucence. “We really let the stone do the talking,” said Neretin, Buoyant NYC’s founder and designer. “I’m very excited to introduce this piece to the design community and immensely honored to be a finalist at this year’s NYCxDesign Awards event.”

Buoyant NYC

Booth 104

2019 ICFF May 19-22